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Now, whenever anybody talks about Allied—especially American—atrocities in the Second World War, somebody will always say, ‘but Hitler and the Nazis did worse’. I’m willing to accept that. But, is that the standard we want to use for our leaders? That Hitler was worse? That Hitler did worse than our government did?
When Timothy McVeigh did that awful thing in Oklahoma City…People wrote 'Who kills children? What kind of person is it that kills children?' Well, I could tell you the answer: powerful states kill children. I don’t know who one might think was under those bombs in Berlin, and Dresden, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, throughout the length and breadth of Vietnam, in Bagdad, who was under the bombardment in those Druze villages above Beirut. All the time American power is used to subdue some imagine enemy, children are involved, and others as well.


Military industrial complex…that’s it - war is quite profitable to certain corporations, who then line the wallets of politicians, who then continue to support policies that perpetuate war.

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PATRIOTISM, n. 1) The inability to distinguish between the government and one’s ‘country’; 2) A highly praiseworthy virtue characterized by the desire to dominate and kill; 3) A feeling of exultation experienced when contemplating heaps of charred ‘enemy’ corpses; 4) The first, last, and perennial refuge of scoundrels.

Chaz Bufe