There are 45 muslim countries. Not one of them has assaulted a western country in the past 200 years. It was always us who attacked militarily (…) When I read that still 83% of Germans think Muslims are fanatics, it becomes clear how little we know about the Muslim world. The fanatics are sitting in the West.

Inteview with Jürgen Todenhoffer, author of “Why do you kill Zaid”


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the alarming militarization of policing in the USA

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And we now know this is true.

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Military industrial complex…that’s it - war is quite profitable to certain corporations, who then line the wallets of politicians, who then continue to support policies that perpetuate war.

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Congrats to Canadian short story writer Alice Munro for winning this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature. (Photo via Post-Gazette)

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#anti war  

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The government does not work for people. The government does not work for the environment. The government does not work for business. The government does not work for the poor.

The government works only for itself. Understand this, and you will understand a great deal more of the world.

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No Peace for us it seems…